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Your Regular PSI Mixes
MA DOT Certified

Many city sidewalks have to be DOT certified.  Every year Banas Concrete gets together with their concrete technicians and with the state of MA.  We provide the state submittals of mix designs & samples of our mixtures to be tested. The samples are put through various test to ensure that the concrete meets required durability and strength.  If we are found to meet the requirements we then become MA DOT certified for the year for those mixes.  This is something we have now been certified in for years and are

currently certified for this year as well.

Admixtures & Custom Mix Designs

Banas Concrete Service has the experienced and certified concrete technicians & the state of the art batching plant to create mixes custom to your project & specs (if you have them). We carry many different types of stones & sands for various mixes and admixtures to help the concrete cure in cold weather and set slower in the hot weather.

Starting at 2000PSI all the way up to 5000PSI and beyond we have standard mixes that you would use for your regular foundation, sidewalk, patio, or driveway.

We always recommend a 4000PSI for anything exterior, such as pads, walkways & driveways and 3000PSI for foundations.

Banas Concrete also sells pre-cast 5' tall frost posts.  We are able to deliver these to customers for an additional fee.

Banas Concrete pic of raised garden bed.

We sell retaining wall blocks in 2 different sizes. 2x2x2, which weigh 1200lbs & 2x2x4, which way 2400lbs. Each block has a recessed hook for easy mobility & they can be used to create bins, retaining walls, base for sheds and

many other uses.